The KS Code

At Knightsbridge School we all follow a simple a set of rules known as the KS Code:

I will remember to walk fast and not to run

I will treat others as I would like to be treated

If I have any worries I will talk to an adult I trust

I will remember that giving and sharing are the best feelings in the world

I will try not to let others feel lonely

I will strive for a healthy body and healthy mind

I will remember to recycle, reduce and reuse

I will say nothing that will be hurtful to others

I will respect others and their possessions


 I will try to do something creative everyday


I will remember how lucky I am and do my best at everything 


I will try to always be fair and honest and seek to forgive

Specialist Teachers

Miss Anna Turcaynska - Director of Music

Mrs Francesca Spagnoli - Italian teacher

Ms Hsin-Yi Huang - Mandarin teacher

Mr Domingo Benasco Perez - French & Spanish teacher

Miss Marie-Laurence Hagopian - French & Spanish teacher

Miss Rosie Taylor - Dance

Miss Angelique Schafer - Art