Creative Arts


Knightsbridge School is passionate about its musical offering. A choir and several music groups/concerts are organised at school. Rehearsals take place before or after school and at lunchtime. Children are invited to join by the Director of Music. If your child is currently learning an instrument and wishes to continue at Knightsbridge School or if your child would like to take up an instrument, we will do our best to accomodate the request.

Private tuition is offered on a broad range of instruments – brass, wind, strings, piano and keyboards, percussion and voice. Music lessons are scheduled on a rotational basis throughout the school day as well as before or after school. Children are encouraged to demonstrate their musical progress by performing during assemblies.


Knightsbridge School encourages creativity and expression throughout the art curriculum and via numerous related initiatives. Our pupils have enjoyed many successes in competitions and exhibitions as well as enjoying inspirational visits to galleries and art events in and around London.

"Do something creative each day" is very much integrated into our teaching philosophy throughout the school.

Art at Knightsbridge School is taught by a specialist teacher from J2 to S8. It has its own well-equipped studio right at the top of the school, allowing for a spacious working area, which is full of light. This offers an environment that is both a creative and stimulating place to work. All the children enjoy a double lesson of Art per week.

The main objective of the art department is for the children to develop a love of creating. The children learn and enjoy all aspects of the process from the initial sketches to finished pieces. We aim to provide a safe environment, which encourages the children to express themselves in their own unique way regardless of attainment level.

Children are introduced to a diverse range of artists, movements and culture. They are exposed to a wide variety of materials, mediums and processes: drawing, painting, textiles, perspective, sculpture, ceramics, batik, printmaking, collage; in order to give every child the opportunity to discover their own potential. Projects are structured to allow children of varying abilities to be confident and achieve success. Recent projects have included responses to the work of Matisse, Monet, Rousseau, Oldenburg, Boccioni and Picasso. The pupils have also studied art from other cultures such as Aboriginal, Roman and Aztec. Large-scale projects and individual works are displayed proudly around the school and where appropriate entered into competitions and external exhibitions.

Performing Arts

At Knightsbridge School, we ensure that each year group has a performance opportunity and a chance to showcase what they have been learning as part of Drama and Dance at KS. It is the perfect platform to combine these skills and our teachers have professional experience both as performers, as well as directing and choreographing.

We use St Saviours Theatre to produce our main Senior and Junior school productions, and have produced shows such as Guys and Dolls, Fiddler on The Roof, Annie, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Lion King. We strive to work in a professional way and surround the children with positive and challenging experiences, providing full scale bespoke sets, organising dedicated rehearsal time for each production and the excitement of experiencing a professional working environment from a very young age.

We work with an ethos that every child deserves their ‘moment’ – meaning that every student will have a chance to shine in the production, however big or small. We truly believe every child has the talent and scope to achieve extraordinary things and this is showcased with each year group having a dedicated production through the academic year.


Dance has seen a meteoric rise at Knightsbridge School over the past two years, with the standard and enthusiasm for Dance reaching exceptional levels. In Dance at KS, we have an equal performance and technical focus. As part of the curriculum, we study the ISTD Modern syllabus. The ISTD is an internationally recognised dance body, and the ISTD tap syllabus is also covered as part of the Tap club. There is a heavy extra-curricular dance programme, with Street Dance playing host to over 60 students through the week, as well as there being Centre Stage (a performance based musical theatre club) and tricks and gymnastics.

Each year group gets the opportunity to showcase the skills they fine-tune through the year when they take to the stage and wow the crowds. In collaboration with the Drama department, performances range from pantomimes, to plays, to showcases of material learned in class. We strive to instil a professional work ethic in the children, and this is demonstrated with some truly outstanding performances through the year.