From the beginner to the skilled athlete, sport at Knightsbridge School offers every student the opportunity to participate and develop in a wide range of both team and individual sports.

We believe that physical education is essential to the development of the whole child. It provides the opportunity to promote self-esteem, confidence and build character strengths including perseverance, resilience, teamwork and leadership. By developing key skills in our major sports: rugby, cricket, football, hockey netball within KS2, students become proficient, able to compete across a range of leagues and tournaments at KS3. As KS is affiliated to ISA and IAPS, there are opportunities to participate in fencing, swimming and netball championships, table tennis tournaments and a host of other sports.

Students within the senior school have two weekly games lessons which take place across a variety of Central London venues. An additional PE lesson, at first class facilities such as The Ethos Centre Imperial College, further enhances the offering through climbing, agility and at KS4, students are offered the opportunity to secure PE GCSE through the AQA 9-1 course. By extending their knowledge of physiology and tactical sports, students acquire a number of transferable skills such as critical thinking, understanding of psychology, as well as being about to think and respond when under pressure.

In line with our code, by developing healthy bodies and minds, the students at Knightsbridge School will be ready to enjoy their journey taking with them a love and appreciation of sport, and a lifelong friend.