Our Community

KS is deeply involved with the local community and service is a central part of the school’s values. 

Our KSPA (Knightsbridge School Parents Association)

We have an active Parents’ Association at Knightsbridge School (KSPA). The primary purpose of the Parents’ Association is to act as one of the channels of communication between parents and the school and to provide parents with a forum to contribute their skills and ideas to the school. Each class has a representative on the Parents’ Association Committee. The committee meets at least once a term and more frequently when the need arises.
The Parent’s Association also organises charitable and seasonal events on behalf of the school, such as Cake sales, an annual fundraiser, a Christmas Fair, BBQs, Sports Day and Charity Auctions. The KSPA have also organised ‘donation drives’ whereby parents, staff, and children donate hundreds of pre-loved clothes books and toys to support local charities such as Little Village.

To become a member of the KSPA or purchase tickets for upcoming events, please visit the KSPA website

Local Schools

We have meaningful partnerships with two local primary schools, Ashburnham Community Primary School (ACPS) and Marlborough Primary School (MPS), which have provided numerous opportunities for collaboration (staff & children), Place2Be service, clubs offering (over 70 available), staff workshops, placement training, and our Christmas fair.

The Royal Hospital

Connecting with older generations is key at KS. Since inception in 2006 The Royal Hospital has remained one of our key charities and beneficiaries in the community. Chelsea pensioners visit to reiterate service, attend our Remembrance Service and more recently we have shared poems through Poetry Together.

Knightsbridge Business Group

We also link with the business community by being a member of the Knightsbridge Business Group (KBG) which is made up of many organisations – estates, hotels, restaurants, retail, estate agents, etc. Over lockdown it was important to support the local businesses to adapt and survive, We sent our Choirs to perform locally fundraising for St Pauls’s, Knightsbridge Foundation (16th year) Hotel.