Pastoral Care

The close care and attention of the teacher and teaching assistant in every class ensures a stable and stimulating environment for children just starting their school careers. Children are taught the values enshrined in the KS Code, and this language is echoed consistently throughout the school.

Children learn in a warm and happy atmosphere, building on the strength of the home/school partnership, with a focus on acknowledging all-round achievement and dedicated to enabling children be the best they can be. In the Junior School we believe that children learn best when they are happy, and the tailored pastoral care for every child ensures they make the most of every day at KS.


KS also has Place2Be, a completely embedded counselling service with the school. As KS already has a strong focus on children’s mental health and student well-being, it is natural that KS is well integrated in the dynamics of the school. Students know that they can knock on the Place2Be door at any time, leave a slip in a box, they can ask their teachers to book an appointment, and parents can email Place2Be at any time.

Though many people think about one-to-one counselling sessions when talking about Place2Be, the service offers so much more. Place2Be provides in-class circle times on themes requested by teachers; coffee mornings and visits from mental health professionals addressing themes raised at school and others requested by parents. They also offer a space for staff to come and discuss issues that are popping up in the classroom.

One of the most important services that Place2Be offers is Place2Talk. This service provides a space for children to come during their break time to share a worry that is bothering them with a skilled therapist. This can be anything from friendship problems and bad dreams to the loss of a beloved pet or the impact of parental separation. Addressing these issues right away often stops these issues from getting out of control and allows children to return to their classes and focus on learning.