Bursaries and Scholarships


Knightsbridge School offers bursaries to a maximum of four applicants a year at entry into Year 7 which can be of value to 100%. Please click here for more information or contact our registrar at registrar@knightsbridgeschool.com

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London Fee Assistance Consortium


Scholarships are awarded to students who have excelled in a particular area or subject. There is no monetary value attached to Scholarships.

Scholars are supported to pursue their area(s) of excellence and have access to an enhancement programme.

Internal Scholarships

Year Name Scholarship
2012 Mariam A Academic
2013 Jerry Y Academic
2013 Christian D Academic
2014 Sophia M Academic
2015 Camille B Academic
2015 Jessica P Academic
2017 Alexander R Academic
2017 Kit H Academic
2018 Leonardo P Academic
2018 Christian R Academic
2019 Bishop I Academic
2019 Casey J Sports
2020 Waverly M All-rounder
2020 Gabriel L Academic
2020 Claud H Drama
2021 Harry J All-rounder
2021 Valentina E S Performing Arts
2021 Barbara E S Performing Arts
2021 Annabelle G Academic
2022 Nicholas H Academic
2022 Andrew K Academic
2022 Zac A Performing Arts
2022 Hannah C Performing Arts

External Scholarships

Year Name Scholarship School
2010 Olivia B-R English Wycombe Abbey
2011 Jacqueline B Academic Cheltenham Ladies
2012 Max S Sports Award Ardingly College
2013 Charlotte B Art Exhibition Downe House School
2014 Josh W Academic Latymer Upper
2014 Nikol M Academic Queen’s College
2015 Lily J Academic Heathfield School
2017 Leila N Mathematics St George’s
2018 Gvantsa G Drama and Music Prior’s Field School
2019 Zack P Millenioum Scholarship
(Drama, Academic and Service)
Brighton College
2019 Isabella B Drama Francis Holland
2019 Talitha L Drama Francis Holland
2019 Valentina Z Drama Queen’s Gate School
2019 Jeremy H Music Charterhouse
2019 Alexander R Academic Dulwich College
2020 Rowley M Drama Oakham School
2020 Maya T Drama Prior’s Field School
2020 Raine S Drama and Sports Prior’s Field School
2021 Claud H Drama The King’s School
2022 Harry H Academic Charterhouse
2022 Oliver M Design Technology Uppingham School