"We have built a community with a warm, nurturing environment. Our staff are fun, inspirational people. I expect fantastic teamwork between teachers and parents with a common goal: to make sure our boys and girls are confident, happy all-rounders, with healthy bodies and healthy minds."

Magoo Giles, Head

Welcome to Knightsbridge School

Knightsbridge School fosters a strong sense of community and provides a supportive and warm environment, within which the pupils are encouraged to work and play hard.

Small classes are overseen by highly qualified, dynamic and enthusiastic staff (numbering 70+), who ensure the boys and girls benefit both academically and personally.

The aim is that the children make the most of every opportunity and achieve their full potential, enabling them to build self confidence.

This in turn helps them to grow into happy, independent all-rounders of healthy body and mind, well equipped for the move to senior schools.

News & Events

Knightsbridge School Entrepreneurs

21st November 2014

The winner of the KS Entrepreneur's competition "Shared the Shop" with Jo Loves last Sunday.  The children set up their stalls... Read more »

Remembrance Day

21st November 2014

Royal Hospital pensioners visited the school to attend our Remembrance Day service.  They were presented with a cheque from... Read more »

Knightsbridge School Education Foundation

6th October 2014

This week has seen the launch of our new KSEF website. Please do take the time to click on the link at the top of the page and... Read more »

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