Our Team

Strategic Leadership Team

Shona Colaço

Shona has been working in education for over 20 years. She began her career teaching English as a Foreign Language, both in this country and abroad.

After a period working in Environmental Management, she trained at the University of Oxford (Mansfield College) and returned to teaching Science to GCSE and Biology at ‘A’ Level, initially in large, maintained secondary schools before moving to the independent sector where she was lucky enough to set up a Science department from scratch. Shona has been a Head of Science, Director of Studies and Deputy Head before accepting the Headship of KS, which is described by her as a: ‘unique, warm and caring school where happy staff and happy children achieve amazing things.’ She has an MA with distinction in Educational Leadership and is trained as an ISI School Inspector.

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Magoo Giles

Founder & Principal
Magoo was previously  Head of Knightsbridge School from 2006-2015 and Head  of Garden House Boys' School from 2000 - 2006.

He was educated at Eton College before being commissioned in the Coldstream Guards. During his military career Magoo served in the UK, Belize, Spain, Cyprus and Germany and was latterly Adjutant of the battalion in Bosnia looking after the 1,100 men and women in theatre. He was Aide de Camp to Lieutenant General the Hon Sir William Rous for two years and Coldstream  Equerry to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for two years. Magoo is a keen sportsman and sports fan and lists other interests as “children, travel, public speaking/entertaining, writing children’s stories and his family”. Magoo is the founder of Knightsbridge School and created the KS Code.

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Rob Starkings

Operations Manager
Rob has worked in the education sector for over 10 years, he has extensive knowledge of School operations and specialises in building renovation and project management.

Rob studied Art and Graphic Design and has always had a keen interest in Architecture which led him into a successful career as an Architectural Stonemason. He is incredibly proud to have contributed to the restoration and preservation of some of the most important buildings in the City of London. He has completed extensive overhauls of Health and Safety systems, policies and procedures and has project managed large scale expansion and renovation projects. Rob loves the warm, friendly and creative culture at Knightsbridge School and is passionate about providing a safe and productive learning environment for future generations.

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Senior Management Team

Director of Learning – Camellia Zarbhanelian
Head of Year 1 – 6 – Charlotte Edkins
Head of Nursery & DSL – Gillian Conlon
Head of Year 7 – 11 – Andrew Hall
Head of EYFS – Grace Kemp
Head of Learning Support – Milana Kovacevic
Assistant Head of Senior School & Head of Perspectives – Domingo Benasco-Perez
Assistant Head of Years 1 – 6, Assessment Coordinator, Y6 Class Teacher – Tara Lomasney

Safeguarding Team

Safeguarding Lead – Shona Colaço
Safeguarding Lead – Miss Gillian Conlon
DDSL for EYFS and Year 1-6- Francesca Torrigiani Spagnoli
DDSL for Year 7-11-  Mr Benasco Perez 

EYFS Teaching Staff

Lions Head of Nursery & DSL – Gillian Conlon
Head of EYFS & Rec G – Grace Kemp
Rec A – Amy Warren
Rec K – Kate Finley


Junior Class Teaching Staff

Head of Junior School – Charlotte Edkins

Assistant Head of Years 1 – 6, Assessment Coordinator, Y6 Class Teacher – Tara Lomasney

Y1 – Emily Hazenberg
Y1 – Rosie Oram
Y1 – Katie Clare O’Connor-Marsh
Y2 – Flora Macnamara
Y2 – Julia Harling
Y2 – Bethan Ashton
Y2 – Isabel Ball
Y3 – Lena Perrson
Y3 – Naomi Gibson
Y3 – Andrew Coulter
Y4 – Alison Gardiner
Y4 – Danielle Burry
Y4 – Amy Poe
Y4 – Francesca Torrigiani Spagnoli
Y5 – David Stratton
Y5 – Liz Blackburn
Y5 – Camellia Zarbhanelian
Y6 – Francesco Messina
Y6 – Tara Lomasney
Y6 – Rosie Oram

Senior Form Tutors

Head of Year 7 – 11 – Andrew Hall

Assistant Head of Senior School & Head of Perspectives – Domingo Benasco-Perez

Director of Learning – Camellia Zarbhanelian

Y7 Form Tutor – Henry Roadnight
Y7 Form Tutor – Kyra Schonbeck
Y8 Form Tutor – Sophie Pace
Y8 Form Tutor – Angeliki Michailidou
Y9 Form Tutor – Hannah Mordi
Y10 Form Tutor – Ben Watkins

Teaching and Learning Assistants

Abigail Yates
Ana Hijazi
Andrea Rubio Cordaro
Annette Riley
Apollos Gurung
Beatrice Withers Green
Catriona Holsgove
Conor Zambuni
Dawn Baker
Emmeline White
Gabriella Bagnall
Grazia di Palma
James Kearns
Laura Barra
Lynn Schulze
Millie Rowlands
Molly Cockell
Olivia Jonsson
Bea Barclay
Rosie Hague
Sarah Palangafkan
Sofia Cestelli
Sophie Wheeler
Teresa Cuenca Fernandez Maquie
Tyrella Baker Smith

Classroom Assistants

Phyllida Reoch (Alum)
Issy Wass

Learning Support Staff and Place2Be

Head of Learning Support – Milana Kovacevic
Learning Support Teacher – Jacqueline Wardlaw – Quirke
Learning Support Teacher – Francesca Torrigiani Spagnoli
Learning Support Teacher – Nikki Genari

Place2Be School Project Manager – Paula Sineme Losch
Place2Be Counsellor – Adele Mitri
Place2Be Counsellor – Iona Gunner

Music and Drama

Violin, Composition & Theory – Adonis Alvanis
Brass – Adam Brown
Violocello – Alice Murray
Guitar – Anders Rye
Piano – Atsuko Kawakami
Piano, Violin – Ayako Yoshida
Drums, Percussion – Jesse Bildner
Voice – Louise Lloyd
Voice – Maggie Cooper
Harp, Piano – Nicola Vestey
Piano, Jazz Piano – Peter Roper-Curzon
Woodwind – Rebecca Griffiths
Guitar – Stelios Kalisperides

Administration, Premises and Catering Staff

PA to Head & SLT- Rosie Binns
Registrar – Mary Caldecott-Smith
School Secretary – Abigail Myers
School Receptionist – Georgina Lewis
Marketing Manager- Roxanne Wilson
Clubs Coordinator – Fran Hall
Network Manager – David Hicks
ICT Technician – Kane Davies
Catering Manager – Alan Savage
Head Caretaker- John Keenan
Caretaker – Bhim Gurung
Cleaner – Carlina Rojos Joven
Cleaner – Martha Mamani