Category: School Events

KS Celebrates King Charles lll

5th May 2023

We had our own day of excitements today where we dressed up, closed the road and the Senior School had a Coronation assembly, quiz, volunteering activities. The Junior School and EYFS celebrated with their own KS Coronation parade with some special guests – King Charles III, Queen Camilla and the Princess Of wales! We gave a rousing ‘3 cheers’ to King Charles and sang…

Earth Week at KS

19th April 2023

On Wednesday, Hugo and Ross (The Turner Twins) kicked off our Earth Week celebrations with a wonderful and engaging talk all about their adventures. They shared stories from sailing the Atlantic whilst carrying out a plastic research project for Pylmouth University. They taught children the importance of facing adversity, learning from failure and our impact…

Education Perfect Global Championships 2023 

28th March 2023

Congratulations to all 46 winners of the Education Perfect Global Championships. The students answered hundreds to thousands of questions each and achieved various certificates. A special mention goes to Vedika (Y8) and Annabelle (Y8) who achieved the Elite Award, they were amongst the top 70 winners in the world and to Xander (Y7) who achieved the Emerald Award. Knightsbridge School came…

Year 4 exhibit at Gladwell and Patterson

28th March 2023

On Tuesday afternoon, Year 4 put on an art exhibition at the Gladwell and Patterson gallery to parents, staff and friends. The artwork displayed was inspired by David Hockney’s Spring Landscape paintings and Marc Chagall inspired self-portraits and looked just at home in the gallery. A huge thank you to Miss Alison, Miss Alice Miss Rose, Miss Patricia for organising such a lovely event and everyone who visited.

Year 1 Medieval Day

26th March 2023

To celebrate the end of the Spring Term and finishing their topic on Medieval England, Year 1 put on a special Medieval Day. Year 1 teachers and children dressed up in Medieval costumes, made junk modelling castles and catapults and baked Medieval gingerbread.

Reception hit the runway for charity

24th March 2023

Our Reception children took to the catwalk on Friday with their customised t-shirts to help raise money for Guide Dogs UK. We had the best time and would like to thank all the staff and parents who supported us and joined in on all the fun

Senior students talk Neurodiversity

24th March 2023

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion ambassadors presented in the Senior Assembly about Neurodiversity. The presentation included examples from teaching staff and their experiences of Neurodiversity, including Dyslexia.

Ramadan Kareem to our Muslim community!

24th March 2023

During our Senior assembly, some of our pupils talked about Ramadan and the other four pillars of Islam. Ramadan Kareem to our Muslim community!

Is it better to be right or to be kind?

23rd March 2023

The final for the Perspectives competition took place on Thursday in the Hall. The question chosen this year was an ethical one: ‘Is it better to be right or to be kind?’ The finalists were Emily K (5R), Uliana (5D), Oscar (5J), Ayse (6J), Poppy (6E) and Matilde (6F) and they delivered their philosophical speeches…

Juniors light up the room with Spring Showcase

22nd March 2023

What an incredible Spring Showcase! On Wednesday afternoon, Year 3-5 entertained friends, parents and staff with spectacular singing and acting performances from the Lion King, Shrek, High School Musical Glee as well as monologues from various Shakespeare plays.