Category: School Trips

Year 7 visit The Globe Theatre

4th May 2023

“Year 7 is reading Midsummer Night’s Dream this term, and by good luck the play has just started playing at the Globe Theatre. The children really enjoyed the experience, commenting on the costumes, acting, music, and the fact that a number of the male roles were played by women — the exact opposite of the situation in…

Year 6’s Trip to The Saatchi Gallery

28th April 2023

To help enrich their studies about street art, Year 6 visited the Saatchi Gallery to enjoy the ‘Beyond the Streets’ exhibition.

Year 5’s visit London Central Mosque

8th March 2023

The Y5 children went on a trip to the London Central Mosque as part of their studies about Islam (Perspectives). Our tour guide in the Mosque was very impressed with the children’s knowledge and manners. The most interesting part was visiting the beautiful prayer hall of the Mosque, where the children could witness one of…

Reception visit Vauxhall City Farm

8th March 2023

Reception enjoyed a trip to Vauxhall City Farm today to meet the animals and learn more about life on the farm.

KS Annual Ski Trip

3rd March 2023

What a way to end the Spring term. Year 4-9 pupils flew to Les Alpes this week for their annual Ski Trip ⛷🏔 The beginner group progressed so much in the first 2 days that the team ended up with 2 intermediate groups and an advanced group. All children made it to the very top…

A trip to the Golden Hinde!

13th January 2023

Year 2s took a trip to see a replica of the famous galleon – The Golden Hinde. They had a fantastic afternoon learning about the captain of the ship, Sir Francis Drake, and the voyages him and his crew took around the world. They also got the chance to learn about what life might have…

GCSE Art students visit local Knightsbridge Gallery

4th November 2022

Our GCSE Art students were lucky enough to be invited to one of our parents’ gallery to view his amazing work. Bruce guided the students through his beautiful gallery, sharing his creative process on the way. Bruce also joined our GCSE Art students at KS to run a fascinating drawing and sculpture workshop. This was…