KS Foundation Stage Charity "Townships Trust" trip to South Africa

Over the Easter holiday, Mr James Gibson (KS Charities co-ordinator) visited (Townships Trust's) Langa Moravian Educare school (pre-school) in Cape Town South Africa to see for himself where the money that we raised through the various activities—ie Bake Sale and EYFS Fashion Show is going.

He reported "This is a special place as not only is it a fantastic environment for young children to begin their educational journey in a developing area, but it’s also a school that the KS community support through the EYFS charity; Townships Trust.

I was able to meet the headmistress of the school, all of the schools 120 children along with all the teachers and support staff.

Our EYFS had recently written letters to the children of the school and it was great to see them on the walls of their classrooms. They had written replies which I brought back for our children to look at and read.

The money that we raise (through bake sales and fashion shows) goes such a long way to improve so many areas of the school. Not only does it help improve general facilities, such as their kitchen and toilets, but it also provides the teachers with better resources which helps the children’s learning experience.

Currently one of the school’s main projects is to buy and install some computers for the children to use during their lessons. Hopefully in years to come I’ll be able to go back and see the progress that has been made and maintain this relationship that the KS community has with Townships Trust.

This trip was all made possible thanks to Edward Orton and his support staff at Townships Trust, so on behalf on Knightsbridge School we would like to say





KS has a Champion!

On Saturday the 28th of January Casey J took part in the Independent School Association 2018 Fencing Championship. This took place at the Leon Paul Fencing Centre in Hendon. This is truly an amazing state of the art venue. The Finals were between Knightsbridge School and Roselyon School in Cornwall. It was a tense match as both boys have crossed paths a number of times and each determined to get the gold for their school. Casey fought hard and won Gold with a 10/6 victory. First ISA Championship for both him and KS.


Knowledge Society Talk Series at KS

The Knowledge Society, as part of their Talk Series, arranged for Paul Forken, one of the brothers behind Gandy flip flops to hold a talk for the Senior Assembly & KS Parents about the harrowing journey they went through losing their parents in the Tsunami.

The brothers who were now orphans, decided to change the tragedy into a positive and found a way they could give back to fellow orphans and came up with a flip flop range where the proceeds went towards building their first orphanage. They have now opened their third store in Richmond.

The proceeds of these stores will one day help them realise their dream  - of having an orphanage in every continent.





 Elif & Anna Bettina (KS Knowledge Society team) with Paul Forken from Gandys London.

Elif & Anna Bettina (KS Knowledge Society team) with Paul Forken from Gandys London.

KS Eco Warriors visit Royal Hospital Chelsea

The KS Eco Warriors (Junior & Senior) were taken on an Eco tour of the grounds of The Royal Hospital Chelsea, by Ron Willmore who has been looking after the ground for 26 years.

They were toured through all of the trees and allotments, shown insect & bird houses and taken around the world from China to Mexico through the tress and plants that Ron attends to.

Miss Isabel who runs a Forest School in the Wetland Centre in Barnes every weekend headed up the team of warriors who headed home arms full with pots of plants as a gift from The Royal Hospital for their balcony garden and classroom.



Princeton University Acapella group The Tigressions comes to KS.

KS were treated to a wonderful morning of Acapella singing from a wonderful group called the Tigressions who came all the way from New York. The school was left inspired and all the children from EYFS to Seniors  had their morning filled with wonderful renditions of classics, covers of modern songs and beat box lessons - we are even inspired to start our own KS Acapella group!

B&W Group.JPG

Knightsbridge School Education Foundation

 Hugo Eddis & Lori Li

Hugo Eddis & Lori Li

Following the wonderful KSPA drinks party, where Mrs Lori Li (Chair, KSPA) presented Mr Hugo Eddis (Chair KSEF) with a cheque for £15,000 from the KSPA, a private tour of The Royal Academy featuring Jasper John’s exhibition by the curator was followed by dinner. 

It was a wonderful evening! All monies raised, fund a child to attend Knightsbridge School, a cause we are passionate about and very proud of, we have now been able to fund 17 children's education through our foundation.

Inspirational Talks at KS with our very own Knowledge Society


It was with great excitement that Judge Anuja Ravindra Dhir QC came to talk to our parents & children at Knightsbridge School on Friday 29th September as part of The Knowledge Society talks.

Judge Dhir QC focus was on empowerment of children whatever their ability and how the power of positive reinforcement can be the very thing that lead you towards a bright future, especially for those who have difficulties. Self belief is as important as education.

Run the River Event

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 12.11.10.png

On 12th September, Miss Yuna will be taking 13 other members of staff to take part in the Run the River event, a 5 or 10 km run in Central London: Miss Becky, Miss Coombes, Miss Louise, Miss Antonia, Miss Eila, Miss Hannah, Miss Lawson, Miss Anastasia, Miss Nikki, Mr Andy, Mr David, Mr O'Shea Jr and Mr Williams!

We will be raising money for Teach First to help fight social inequality. In the UK, the link between socio-economic background and poor educational attainment is greater than in almost any other developed country. You can help us support this cause by making a donation on the following link:

https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ksstaff Thank you for your support!