The KS Code

At Knightsbridge School we all follow a simple a set of rules known as the KS Code:

I will remember to walk fast and not to run

I will treat others as I would like to be treated

If I have any worries I will talk to an adult I trust

I will remember that giving and sharing are the best feelings in the world

I will try not to let others feel lonely

I will strive for a healthy body and healthy mind

I will remember to recycle, reduce and reuse

I will say nothing that will be hurtful to others

I will respect others and their possessions


 I will try to do something creative everyday


I will remember how lucky I am and do my best at everything 


I will try to always be fair and honest and seek to forgive


The Junior School provides a secure and encouraging environment to foster students' holistic academic development. The programme focuses on key literacy and numeracy skills, whilst building self-esteem and confidence, moving on from the skills acquired in Reception and Nursery.

The Junior school has a rich integral curriculum that inspires and equips our young learners. Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, Geography, Religious Studies and PSCHE (Personal, Social, Citizenship, Health Education) are taught by the form teachers in a stimulating and nurturing classroom environment. Specialist teachers instruct the children in French, an additional Modern Foreign Language of choice - (Greek, Italian, Spanish and Chinese), ICT, Art and Design as well as in an extensive performing arts programme including instruction in Dance, Music and Drama. Each child takes part in a varied and well-structured sporting programme ranging from fencing and swimming to netball and football. Opportunities are provided for our pupils to learn cooperatively, to develop respect for others and to become independent learners.

Parents are kept up to date regularly through email, newsletters, parent/teacher evenings and written reports. Parents are invited to special Junior school events including a breakfast prepared by the children and a summer picnic as well as the traditional nativity and summer plays.