The English Department at Knightsbridge School is devoted to nurturing a love of reading and inspiring curious minds able to express themselves through all media.

In the Junior school, our aim is to ensure the best possible foundation in English. The building blocks of language are exposed, explored and consolidated from one year to the next. Cross-curricular links are embedded within the 2-4 week units to enrich the learning experience. At all times, the emphasis is on effective and eloquent communication through both the spoken and the written word. 

As students move into the Senior School, the Common Entrance syllabus influences, although it does not wholly dictate the curriculum. Students read and explore literature in all its forms – fiction, non-fiction and poetry, and share their experiences through drama, discussion, essays and debate. A typical yearly overview in the Senior school will include Sachar to Shakespeare and Angelou to Owen exposing students to the rich tapestry of literature and language. Our students enjoy weekly visits to the library and private reading is tracked and reviewed in order to widen their reading horizons.

From KS4, we strive to help our students flourish and mature as critical readers and articulate writers.  The firm foundations established in the Senior school are all designed to enrich students’ understanding and enjoyment of both English Language and Literature. At GCSE, students explore a vast array of texts to encounter different cultures and eras. We gradually integrate analytical skills as solid foundations on which to build for the very best performance in the examinations they face in the future. 

Every half term, assessments are used to inform teaching and to help set bespoke targets for our students empowering them to take ownership of their learning journey. 

We endevour to deliver an academic year filled with enrichment opportunities to stimulate our students and provide them with opportunities to challenge their ideas and appreciate different viewpoints. Annual events such as Book Week and Poetry Together, combined with termly trips, competitions and author talks, support the curriculum and make learning even more interactive. In addition, our students are strongly encouraged to enroll in after school clubs and enter external creative writing, debating and poetry competitions.