Foundation Stage (Ages 3-5)

Foundation Stage (Ages 3-5)

In the Nursery, our youngest children are introduced to a stimulating school life where enjoyment is the main ingredient in a programme that teaches through play. The school day offers children a range of practical and creative activities and develops oral, literacy and numeracy skills as well as placing emphasis on independence and social interaction.

The Reception year is particularly significant in building the foundations of learning and for a child’s continuing educational experience. The Reception classrooms have been specially set out to create a stimulating, warm and nurturing environment which incorporates all areas of the curriculum. Children develop into confident and interested students, who show a genuine love of learning.

The EYFS curriculum is tailored to cater for each individual child’s needs; ensuring that children are making continuous progress whilst maintaining confidence and a can-do attitude. It incorporates early literacy and numeracy skills, as well as play-based philosophy, which links social interaction and theme-based learning. Specialist teachers instruct the children in Modern Foreign Languages, Music, Drama, Forest School and Sport.

Strong parent partnership is essential for children in the Foundation Stage, and we operate on an open door policy. Parents are kept up to date regularly through daily contact at the door, e-mail, newsletters, parent/teacher meetings and written reports. Parents are invited to attend events such as class assemblies, plays, the charity fashion show and many more.

Pastoral Care

An open, friendly atmosphere and a close partnership with parents ensure children begin their educational experience feeling nurtured and supported through encouragement, reward and celebration. A high staff/pupil ratio means children are given close attention within a clear structure and high expectations, underpinned by detailed policies and procedures which are enshrined in the KS Code.