The study of Geography at Knightsbridge School aims, quite simply, to foster a sense of awe and wonder at the world in which we live. We encourage students to consider the complex interplay of physical and human geography and recognise that when we broaden our understanding of the planet our interest and appreciation for it only deepens. Furthermore, geography students at Knightsbridge School develop the knowledge and the skills required to make them outstanding learners who understand the importance of being a truly global citizen. 

This overarching aim is achieved through the study of a wide range of topics including, to name but a few, our own local environment; the coastal and river environments; rainforests; tectonic events; the issues surrounding population growth; industry; glaciation and the world climate system. Furthermore, we do not shy away from the importance of knowledge in the geography department. We recognise that an intimate understanding of local and global locations is a positive thing and, when carried out in a fun and challenging manner, can be a great source of empowerment for a young geographer. All topics studied seek to inform, build upon and enhance our students’ understanding of the world around them so that by the time they reach 13+ level and then GCSEs they are confident with data analysis, problem solving and geographical vocabulary. 

Geography also provides ample opportunity for students to get out from behind their desks and explore the world around them. Whether conducting a ‘local community study’, campaigning for ‘safer streets’, looking at coastal processes in Dorset or even experiencing the marvel of geysers and glaciers in Iceland, we ensure that students put into practice the skills and theory that they acquire in the classroom. 

The simple truth is that the world is a complex, delicate, magnificent and majestic place and, through the study of Geography, we hope to show students that they have a very real place in it. Furthermore, we hope to foster an understanding that the future of the world is in their hands and, the deeper they understand it, the better equipped they will be to meet the many challenges that the coming years undoubtedly hold.