Latin is a unique and engaging subject that leads to the development of a wide range of transferable skills, from clarity of thought and attention to detail, to problem-solving and analytical thinking. It is through Latin, which gave rise to modern languages such as French, Spanish and Italian, that we are able to explore societies that have shaped the world in which we live today. Literature, History, Science, Law, Art, Architecture and Philosophy are just some of the subjects which could not have existed without the foundations provided by the Classical World.

At Knightsbridge School, students begin their study of Latin in year 7 with the Common Entrance (CE) syllabus which leads to either level 1 or 2 depending on aptitude and future school requirements. At 13+ students take the Common Entrance examination at the end of the academic year. Student’s continue their studies of Latin throughout year 9, following the Cambridge Latin Course which combines a firm grounding in the language with discovering about the ancient world through topics such as daily life, entertainment, politics and history. 

At KS4, students who have reached level 2 CE at 13+ have the opportunity to pursue the WJEC syllabus leading to the externally assessed Certificate. Following the OCR syllabus, students also have the chance to refine their linguistic skills and access some of the world’s finest literature in its original form whether it be the poetry of Ovid and Virgil, the history of Tacitus or the letters of Pliny.

To enrich their learning, Knightsbridge school students participate in major bi-annual competitions in which the Latin department has an outstanding history of success. Knightsbridge School is regularly at the top of both the Northern Hemisphere Competition and the Global Championships and significantly outperforms high-ranking schools around the world.