Senior School (Ages 8-13)

In the Senior School, Knightsbridge School emphasises on creative yet critical thinking and developing independent learning skills. The Senior School curriculum prepares students for their future education with an increasing number of specialist subject teachers.

Our boys and girls move on to a range of London day and country boarding schools as happy, well-rounded individuals. Girls and boys follow a broad, balanced curriculum including English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science, French and a second Modern Foreign Language of choice, Latin, History, Geography, DigiTech, Art, Performing Arts, PE & Games and Perspectives.

The School ensures that parents are able to make informed decisions about the most appropriate next schools for their child. Boys and girls can take 11+ entrance examinations whilst in S6 and transfer at the end of the year to a Secondary School. Boys and girls also cover the Common Entrance syllabus in preparation for transfer to Public Schools at 13+.

Pastoral Care

By the time children reach the Senior School the ‘ecosystem of happiness’, enshrined in the KS Code, is very well-established and provides the foundation for children to become confident contributors to the senior schools they go onto, and outstanding role models within the school and beyond. The spiritual, moral, social and cultural values of KS are embedded into every aspect of school life, so that children have clear expectations of behaviour and standards of manners. Through becoming involved in the huge range of opportunities offered, children have the capacity to develop their self-respect and acknowledge their own and others’ growing strengths, in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

Common Entrance

Boys and girls cover the ISEB (Independent Schools Examination Board) Common Entrance syllabus in preparation for transfer to future schools typically at 11 or 13 years old.

Preparation for the 11+ examinations takes place in S5 and in the Autumn Term of S6. The 11+ Common Entrance examination is taken in the Spring Term of S6, as are London Day School entrance examinations for entry at the age of 11 .

We hope that all our boys and girls stay with us until 13. However we are committed to helping every child achieve the right school for them taking into account their academic and non-academic abilities as well as ambitions and personality. To that end, all senior members of staff work extremely hard to ensure that our boys and girls are ready for 11+ exams should they choose to take them.

Preparation for the 13+ Common Entrance examinations to Public Schools begins in S6 and the examinations are taken in June of S8.

The school can advise parents on the choices available after Knightsbridge School to help them make informed decisions on the next step for their child's education and development.