Senior Curriculum

Senior Curriculum

At Knightsbridge, we are proud of developing happy, confident students who are interesting and interested in the world around them. We are thrilled to be able to provide the same stimulating education and supportive pastoral care for our students through some of their trickiest years up to GCSE. 

Knightsbridge School has exceptional pastoral support in place for all our students. We take a holistic approach, appreciating the connection between how we feel and how we learn. As such we develop students’ emotional intelligence and provide a positive culture in which students feel safe and heard. Each student is part of a form group and has a tutor to guide and support them with their academics and social relationships. Our Senior students are eager to develop their leadership, volunteering as Prefects in a range of areas, from Sport to Wellbeing. There is the opportunity for all Seniors to support and mentor younger children within the Junior School, supporting our ethos as a through-school. 

The Knightsbridge, ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ approach continues to deeply influence our students as they move to Senior School. Each year group has PE in the morning once a week and extended Sports sessions twice a week. Students also have opportunities to pursue a sport of their own choice, be it fencing, climbing, swimming, rowing, or tennis. 

The Senior School regularly hosts visiting speakers delivering engaging talks on topics driven by our young people. This is further enriched as students make extensive use of the world-class museums and cultural offerings on our doorstep. Lunchtime clubs and Monday Enrichment activities all allow students the opportunity to follow and develop their own unique and diverse interests and talents.

The focus on the whole child is achieved by providing opportunities across academic subjects, sport, performing and creative arts and wellbeing – Encouraging students to embrace the opportunity, to find the thing or things they love, to have a go – valuing the skills and talents each person has is at the heart of all that we do…that and to do all of the above with a smile!

Senior Timetable Example:

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