KS Foundation Stage Charity “Townships Trust” trip to South Africa

Posted: 16th April 2018

Over the Easter holiday, Mr James Gibson (KS Charities co-ordinator) visited (Townships Trust’s) Langa Moravian Educare school (pre-school) in Cape Town South Africa to see for himself where the money that we raised through the various activities—ie Bake Sale and EYFS Fashion Show is going.

He reported “This is a special place as not only is it a fantastic environment for young children to begin their educational journey in a developing area, but it’s also a school that the KS community support through the EYFS charity; Townships Trust.

I was able to meet the headmistress of the school, all of the schools 120 children along with all the teachers and support staff.

Our EYFS had recently written letters to the children of the school and it was great to see them on the walls of their classrooms. They had written replies which I brought back for our children to look at and read.

The money that we raise (through bake sales and fashion shows) goes such a long way to improve so many areas of the school. Not only does it help improve general facilities, such as their kitchen and toilets, but it also provides the teachers with better resources which helps the children’s learning experience.

Currently one of the school’s main projects is to buy and install some computers for the children to use during their lessons. Hopefully in years to come I’ll be able to go back and see the progress that has been made and maintain this relationship that the KS community has with Townships Trust.

This trip was all made possible thanks to Edward Orton and his support staff at Townships Trust, so on behalf on Knightsbridge School we would like to say