Keeping Children Engaged: Activities

Posted: 4th May 2020

Knightsbridge School has an extensive clubs provision with over 70 clubs to choose from termly. During the Covid-19 crisis we want to make sure that as well as a high quality online education, students are still able to choose extracurriculars to keep them entertained, active and creative. We have ensured these are covered through an Easter Activities Programme, and a Summer Online Clubs Provision.

Our Easter Activities Programme provided four weeks of activity support for parents during the break. Some of our incredible teachers volunteered their time and expertise to provide virtual activities. These included; fitness videos, portrait demonstrations, songwriting, child friendly recipes and much more! To ensure children stay focused and determined the tasks were presented in the form of a bingo board and once a child completed a line of activities they received an acknowledgement on our school online blog.

Our Clubs Coordinator, Fran Hall, says ‘ My top tip when organising activities for your children is to keep it simple and create structure, when we set up the Easter Programme we made sure we broke activities into different categories: physical, creative, mentally challenging, solo, and group activities. Variety is key! We have had an amazing response from families expressing how much they are enjoying crossing off different activities on their bingo boards each day!’ 

We hope some of these ideas and activities inspire families to keep active, creative, take it day by day and most importantly stay positive during these uncertain times.

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