KS Nominated Charities 2020 – 2021

Posted: 12th October 2020

We are excited to announce the three charities we will be supporting this year, nominated by our students are; Tusk (EYFS), Plan Zheroes (Juniors) and Harrow Club W10 (Seniors).

+EYFS: Tusk

Advancing conservation across Africa. For 30 years, they have pioneered successful conservation initiatives across more than 20 countries, increasing vital protection for over 70 million hectares of land and more than 40 different threatened species.

+Juniors: Plan Zheroes

They take surplus food from companies that would otherwise throw it away and give it to good causes! This helps support local communities, reduce food waste and help the environment!

+Seniors: Harrow Club W10

The Harrow Club creates positive futures for marginalised young people in West London. Through general youth clubs and specialist interventions, we aim to empower young people to complete their education, avoid anti-social behaviour and become positive contributors to society.