Ashburnham Community School Christmas Delivery

Posted: 11th January 2021

In the last week of the Christmas term KS and our incredible Parents Association sent over book donations, party hampers and teacher presents to Ashburnham Community School (ACS). Mr Ben McMullen, ACS Head response: Words cannot express how overwhelmed we are here. This has been such an incredible end of term- with the books, hampers, santa message and cupcakes – the whole school is feeling truly blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with Knightsbridge. But then- to hear from Place2Be that you have secured the funding to make possible this amazing service for the year is just the very best news I could have imagined. The teachers I have shared this with have been quite literally overjoyed. It will make all the difference at this most crucial time. You can know that you have the enduring love and gratitude of one very tired but appreciative staff team and that the impact will be felt by every child and family at Ashburnham.

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