11 ways to boost your child’s educational experience – Evening Standard

Posted: 12th September 2022

For many of us, our time at school is one we reminisce about fondly. So, it’s important to help our children have the same experience, from academic achievements to once-in-a-lifetime trips. Here are a number of schools and companies across the capital who are on a mission to improve students’ learning experiences.

An inclusive school in the heart of London

Knightsbridge School, in the heart of London, is reimagining education to create grounded and rounded young people who feel empowered; who can form good relationships; and who understand what they need to be fulfilled in work, and life, at 16 or 60.

Bringing together Early Years, Preparatory and Senior Schools all on one campus, Knightsbridge School offers a complete all-through independent co-ed day education with an extensive enrichment programme.

Taking advantage of local facilities both in around Knightsbridge, students can enjoy trips to Battersea Park where the school hosts its annual sports day; learn how to use climbing walls at Imperial College Ethos Sports Centre; as well as regular visits to the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Learn more about Knightsbridge School by booking a school tour at knightsbridgeschool.com/admissions/book-a-tour.

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