Place2Be interviews Magoo Giles Principal and Founder of KS

Posted: 11th April 2023

Place2Be recently interviewed Magoo Giles about why he chose to partner with Place2Be

Why did Knightsbridge School choose to partner with Place2Be?
I met the founder Dame Benny Refson and she suggested Knightsbridge should be the first private day school to partner with Place2Be. It was a no-brainer as more and more children, parents and staff were requiring support and

How has your partnership with Place2Be positively impacted the school community?
Place2Be is brilliant and makes such a difference. It brings such expert support and promotes early intervention which is critical to supporting children in the long haul, up to and throughout their adult life.

Would you recommend that other schools have a Place2Be service?
For those who need it, kids – staff – parents – they all benefit hugely from embedded support at all levels. Place2Be is part of the Knightsbridge School Family.

Why do you think is it important for individuals and organisations to support Place2Be?
It costs money to create a healthier and happier place. Place2Be brings hope and support to so many who do not often know which way to turn. Early intervention saves huge amounts of money in the long run and can prevent lifelong mental health issues, resulting in a society with individuals more resilient and more ready to manage the many challenges that life throws at us – you just have to read the testimonies.

Describe what Place2Be means to you in three words.
Family – Warmth – Support

“My counsellor is my superhero. She has been very kind to me since my daddy died. She listens and
understands. Her magic wand makes everybody kind to each other.”
Pupil from Knightsbridge School

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